Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I (heart) PD15

Tomorrow is my last day working at the Public Defender's Office.  I have been there over 6 years!  Officially, I am taking a 6 month leave of absence.  Then, after 6 months, I can decide if I want to come back to work or not. 

I probably will not.  But it's nice to have the option.  :)

I have a lot of mixed emotions.  I am *really* happy to be able to stay home with my baby boy.  I know it is so important to him, and I love being with him.

But I love the Public Defender's Office.  I love the work that we do.  I love the people who work there, their compassion, their fire, their zeal to stand up for the lowliest of people.  I love the feeling of helping someone who really, truly, needs my help.  I love fighting against "the man." 

And I've worked with some incredible people.  Truly smart and talented lawyers, and really great friends.  I'm going to miss seeing them every day, and starting innumerable conversations with, "So I've got this guy who..."

Okay, gonna cry now.


  1. It's a great thing to have too many things in your life that you love, rather than too few. Love you sister!! It's a tough decision but the right one.

  2. Very wise words! And they made me feel better, too. Love you muchisimo!