Friday, January 27, 2012

Story Hour -- Wear Your Sports Bra

Baby Levi and I went to our first story hour at the local library.  It was "Baby Story Hour," and even though it said it was for ages 12-24 months, I figured we could sneak in anyway.  I mean, it's story hour.  You sit and listen to stories, right?

Apparently, not this story hour.  It was more like "Baby Cardio."  There was dancing.  There was marching.  There was flying.  There were bubbles.  It was ... AWESOME.  Baby Levi was a little young for it, but I picked up the slack and did a lot of the work for him.  He absolutely loved it. 

And also AWESOME was the fact that it totally wore him out, and he was asleep in the stroller before we even made it home.  Good thing, because I was exhausted from the dancing, and the marching, and the flying, etc. etc. 

Naptime for both of us!  Just don't let me open up Facebook or I'll never get off this stupid computer.......

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