Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eat Crow

I can admit when I'm wrong.  And I've recently learned that I was wrong about sleep training the baby.

Let me back up.  Before baby Levi was born, I was all about the "cry it out" idea.  I was of the opinion that babies didn't need to be held every single time they cried, and the sooner they learned that the better.

Of course, that whole philosophy was gone in a flash when the baby was born.  I just wanted to hold him and comfort him and snuggle him as much as possible.  So then my philosophy took a complete 180.  I was against "cry it out;" I thought it was too stressful on babies and on parents, I thought it wouldn't work for my little guy, I thought there were lots of other ways to teach him how to sleep on his own and comfort himself.

Well, I still believe two out of those three.  But once baby Levi hit 5 1/2 months and was still waking up two and three times a night, plus having a hard time falling asleep at bedtime, I thought we had better give "crying it out" a try.

Baby and Grams in the wee hours of the morning

I am both happy and sad to say that letting him "cry it out" (within reason) got him sleeping through the night and going to bed on time.  I wish we could have gotten there a different way, but I'm so glad we got there.  He still does wake up once in the night (about 4:00 am) and nurse, but I'm fine with that. 

The important thing is that he's happier and healthier, and I'll admit I'm wrong any day of the week to accomplish that.

Now, on to working out naps!


  1. Prepare for longest comment ever:
    Babies can't self sooth until about 4-5 months, so you're okay to not let them cry it out. It will cause them more stress! And then, I just learned this today on TV (so of course it's true and works! ha!)... Lay him down, say good night, walk away. If he starts crying, wait 5 minutes, go in, put hand on tummy and don't look directly into eyes but on nose, stay for just a minute and tell him it's night-night time again. Then leave. If he cries again, wait 10 minutes. (Double the time each time), then go back and do the same thing. Then 20 minutes, then 40.
    We kind of do this with Noah (not that length of time, but the touching the tummy thing and stuff)and it works pretty well. It was the super nanny telling how to do it, and she seems to know what's she's talking about. :)
    Haha! Anyway, unsolicited advice, but I thought it was interesting. Good job on being awesome.
    Now, I just read Kristi's drawg and I'm all nostalgic for some Blink! :)