Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Up, Doc?

Baby Levi went to the pediatrician today!  I love taking the baby to the doctor.  Since we don't have a scale, we don't know how much he weighs until his appointments.  It's a lot of fun to find out how big he's getting.  What is not as fun is those pesky shots. 
This picture is from his 4 month checkup
I love our pediatrician!  The first thing she does is ask, "What questions do you have?"  And then, miraculously, she sits and listens patiently.  So simple, but something my OB never ever did!  Take notes, Bryan.

So do you want to hear baby Levi's stats?  Six months old, 20 pounds 3 ounces, 29 inches long, head 18 inches.  He's a big boy!  He is literally off the chart for length, and in the 90s percentile for weight.  He's getting tall!  We love it.  I call him Baby Shaq.

The doc concluded the checkup with saying, "I can't find a single thing wrong with your baby!"  Just what we like to hear!


  1. 29 inches?! Holy cow! He is a big boy! Noah is so tiny, so I'm always afraid he's too little, but he is getting taller, so I know he's growing... but then I read 29 inches and I realize we have a long way to go! :)
    And yes, let's play in March for sure! I'll email you my number on facebook. Can't wait to see you!

  2. Haha. I like that you call him Baby Shaq.

  3. I don't ever listen to patients, I just put my head down while they "Blab on". I just look at lab tests and imaging that I order and treat them :) I am glad baby Levi is doing so well and hopefully he gets over this cold soon!

  4. Bryan -- should we start calling you House? :)