Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I definitely love being a stay-at-home mom.  But ... I want some stay-at-mom friends!  It would be really fun to have someone to hang out with during the day once or twice a week.  The question is, how do I find said friends?  Surprisingly, there are NO stay-at-home moms in our ward (except the bishop's wife, who homeschools their 5 kids, so she doesn't really have time to just "hang out").  Everyone works.  And since we got expelled from story hour, I haven't found any play groups or the like for babies his age.

Ideas?  Suggestions?  My mom suggested going to a park the same time every day and chatting up moms there.  I thought that was a good idea.

Other than that, my only idea was to call Niki every day and talk her ear off.  :)


  1. Move to Utah! I'll be your friend! :) On second thought... forget Utah, it's cold here... I'll talk the husband into moving to FL!

  2. PERFECT solution! I love it! In the meantime ... we're coming out to SLC Mar 1-6. Can we get together?

  3. Move to Denver!! I still like the idea of both going to our separate Ikeas and being on the phone with each other :)

  4. People! All these cold locales! I love you, but I really don't want to freeze my booty off! :) Emphasis on the "I love you."