Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Everybody Loves Levi

We flew out to Utah last Thursday and got back last night.  It was a great trip!  We got to show off our baby to lots of friends and family members.
Grandma Sherrie

I think Levi's mom was the most excited to see baby Levi.  She has been missing him!  She got to spend a lot of grandma time with him this trip.  She watched him while we did date night on Friday (Mekong Thai with John and Sharie) and skiing on Monday (more about that in another post). 

Cousins Mylie and Brynlee

Baby's little cousin Mylie was crazy for him.  She was like a little mama, holding him, feeding him, rubbing his belly and telling him "You're a big boy!  You're a big boy!"  It was so cute.  Bryn liked him, but missed being the center of attention sometimes I think.  Seeing baby with Mylie and Brynlee made me realize how much baby Levi looks like them.  Their eyes look just the same to me.

Uncle Preston

Uncle Preston and Uncle Jonny were pros at getting baby to grin.  They'd swoop him around, toss him up and down, and get him laughing every time.  Too bad Uncle Josh couldn't make it up from Vegas.  Uncle Jonny even got baby to fall asleep in church without a single tear.  With two little girls, he's no amateur.


Baby Noah

It was so lucky that my friend Gwendolyn just happened to be visiting Salt Lake from Rexburg, ID the very same weekend!  She got to meet the baby and we got to catch up on each other's lives.  I'm so lucky to have a friend who I can stay so close to after 25+ years.

I also got to catch up with Jolee, a friend from BYU.  She has a 4-month old baby, Noah, who is just a little tiny peanut with big beautiful blue eyes.  It was fun to chat with Jolee, talk baby stuff, and look through her scrapbook of our dorm days.

Baby Levi also got to meet his Great-Grandpa Blank, Levi's grandpa, but somehow I forgot to take a picture!  Grandpappy was really happy to meet the baby.

We're so lucky and blessed to have so many great friends and family members who love our baby almost as much as we do.  It's a bummer to live so far away from everyone, but we try to make an effort to travel to see everyone as often as we can.  We love you guys!

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