Monday, March 12, 2012

Goodnight Comb, Goodnight Brush

Baby Levi's bedtime routine always includes a story.  For a while we were reading Goodnight Moon every night.  Then we lost the book at Grandma Sherrie's house and had to branch out to new titles.  Boo.

I just had to put all three pictures on here to show baby Levi's crazy leg positions.  He's such a goof!  He gets that right leg right up on the pages.

I always thought Goodnight Moon was a weird book until I started reading it out loud to the baby.  It has such an great rhythm when it's read out loud.  Levi's favorite part is when it says, "Goodnight nobody.  Goodnight mush." 

Baby Levi is sound asleep right now.  So goodnight noises everywhere.

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