Thursday, March 8, 2012

Powder Monkeys

The only good thing about winter in Utah is the SKIING!  Levi's brother Preston has a buddy who works at Park City, and Preston got free lift tickets for John and Sharie, Levi and me, and himself.  We hit the slopes on Monday for a gorgeous day on the mountain.
Levi and me

Levi and Preston

The weather was fantastic (in my opinion).  It had snowed a ton Thursday and Friday, and the snow was still there, but it was really warm.  We kept peeling off layers as the day went on.

Unfortunately, that sunshine meant we all got sunburned.  Preston was the worst.  Tuesday morning he woke up with his face swollen and blisters on his nose.  Yuck.  Levi and I were only a little pink because we smeared my SPF 15 chapstick on our faces when we realized how sunny it was going to be.  Kind of gross, but I'm serious about sun protection.

Levi and John

John and Sharie decided to try snowboarding for the first time, but that meant we split ways with them pretty early on.  John spent some time on the green runs, but Sharie stuck to the bunny hill. 

Preston, Levi, and I had some fun on Powder Monkey for a few runs.  I love this Rawr guy at the start of the hill.

We had a fun day!  Levi knows that if we ever *have* to move back to Utah, I would want to live in Park City.  Good times.

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