Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quilt Carpeting -- The New Thing In Flooring

Every morning I have to perform the ritual laying-of-the-quilts to keep baby Levi safe from our hard tile floors.

And it's not only about the quilts.  It's also about strategically placing his toys, including those tent-like dohicky hanging things, to keep him interested but also to entice him to start crawling.  This time of year, the sun streams directly into our sliding glass door mega-bright in the morning, so I also pull our pictures off the wall and stand them up by the door to make some shade (the blinds are broken).

Levi calls it "The Fun Zone."  I think of it more as a training field.

I like this picture of baby Levi pulling himself up with those rings like a gymnast.  He's working on his strength training!

I can't imagine what we're going to have to do when he actually starts crawling.  Probably just let him crawl on the tile.

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  1. Crawling is not what you have to worry about, it's when he starts walking and toppling over all the time. Can't really put quilts under him then :(