Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sittin on Top of the World

As you may have noticed in pictures I've posted ...

Sidenote: I hate when people say "As you may or may not know...".  By saying "may" you automatically imply "may not," right?  No need to add it.  I also hate "A whole nother thing."  "Nother" is not a word.  It's a whole OTHER thing.  An other, not a nother.  Okay, I'm really getting sidetracked now.

As you may have noticed, baby Levi is sitting up on his own now!  It's great for me.  He can see and do a lot more sitting up, so he can play on his own for longer stretches without me.

The only bad thing is that we have all tile floors in our apartment, and even though he's pretty steady (he's got a big strong base to balance on) he overreaches sometimes and topples over.  I set him on a pile of quilts (yay for sisters who quilt!) and put the boppy pillow around him, but I still get a little nervous for his little head. 
It is so exciting to see his abilities progress.  Who knew I would be so excited to see my baby sit?  But it's awesome. 

Next step, crawling!  He's getting close, I swear.  And even though it's going to mean a lot of work chasing him around, I can't wait to see him acheive that next step.

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  1. I hate it when people say 'less' when it should be 'fewer.' Random.

    Yay for sitting! That's a great stage.