Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Paddy's Day Miracle

News flash: I made friends!  Hip hip hooray!  I met a girl (woman, lady, whatever.  I guess now that we're in our thirties we're not "girls" anymore but I can't bring myself to say "women" all the time)...

Let me try that again.  I met a mom at the library with a baby boy the same age as little Levi.  She moved to Florida a few months ago from New York City, and she's really cool.  We were chatting about this and that, and she mentioned a playgroup she took her baby to.  I asked her how she got hooked up with a playgroup, and she said has a great mom's group in the area.  She took my email address and told me she would send me the link.

Before I even got home I had an email from her (yay!), and I immediately joined the group.  There are activities every single day, everything from picnic in the park to lactation tea (kind of weird, yes) to museum outings, etc.

Baby Levi and I went on out first meetup on Wednesday, lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  We had a great time, so today we went to St. Patrick's Day picnic in the park.  All the babies were in green (and all the moms but me, oops), and everyone brought green food.  I made lemon cupcakes with green food coloring in them.

At both meetups, there were about eight moms and babies, and the babies were all from about 4 months old to just over one year.  The moms were all really great, and we just talked and talked and talked.  I guess the kind of people who join a group like this are usually social, outgoing people who want to make friends, which is really fun.

How cute is that little girl's tutu?  The little boys all kept grabbing at it.

Hooray for finally making friends! 

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  1. Yay for friends!! Wow, an activity every day? Pretty intense.