Sunday, March 11, 2012

Willard Mitt Danger Romney, JD MBA

So last week at the temple I happened to meet singing sensation Davie Archuleta.  No picture, since we were literally inside the temple.  I was pretty stoked to meet a Mormon celebrity.

This week, who happens to show up to our ward but Mitt Romney (plus about 7 secret service guys), Glenn Beck and wife, and Congressman Jeff Flake and family.  Cray cray!

Again, I didn't get any pictures, so I snagged some from other ward members' Facebook profiles.  I don't think anybody took any Glenn Beck pictures since the big cheese in the room!

Now, I am NOT a Glenn Beck fan (to put it politely).  And I'm not as big a Romeny supporter as some other members of my family.  But it was pretty dang exciting to have them at our sacrament meeting!  Especially in our tiny ward.  We were even teenier today since we start early and it was daylight savings (the sleeper-inners missed out).

Glenn Beck spoke, and I actually grew to like him more as a person.  About half of his talk was very sweet testimony about the Book of Mormon.  I respected that, and realized that he is a brother in the gospel.  Now, the other half was kind of odd stuff that maybe shouldn't be brought up over the pulpit (stuff about Thomas Jefferson believing the Native Americans were Egyptian Jews and weird French pamphlets that are "pure evil"), but I kind of expected kookiness out of him. 

I got to talk to Congressman Flake's wife and she was very sweet.  His whole family stayed for all three meetings, which was really cool of them.  Romney had to hightail it out of there pretty quickly after sacrament meeting (well, I don't know if he *had* to but he did). 

Very exciting day!  Yet again, blessed for being in the right place at the right time (just kidding -- I in no way believe that viewing Mitt Romeny and Glenn Beck is some kind of blessing from on high.  Just a fun coincidence.)

Oh, and if you want to watch a *really* funny Mitt Romney spoof (and find out where the title of this post came from), watch this:

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