Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lee Vye the Science Guy

The babies took over the Science Museum and Planetarium today!

And BOY were the old people mad!!!

I don't have very many pictures because I was holding the baby the whole time.  He had a great time!

Except for the Planetarium.  He wasn't too crazy about the Planetarium.  Probably because it was completely full of mean old people. 

Five of us moms and babies went to the Planetarium show, thinking, "Who else but moms and kids goes to the Planetarium at 2:00 pm on a Wednesday??"  Apparently, the elderly.  And they do NOT like babies talking/playing/crying during their Planetarium show.  Geez.  They kept shushing the babies.  As if that is going to do any good.  And when two of my friends finally left the show, the old fogies applauded.  SO.  RUDE.

I ended up leaving early too, mostly because the old people were stressing me out and I wasn't able to enjoy the show.  We talked to the employees, who were much nicer about everything than the old fogies were.  They gave us free tickets to the next show, which was about bugs and much more kid friendly.

Sidenote:  I did stay long enough to learn where Betelgeuse is located.  Ask Niki how to pronounce that. (Inside joke).
This thing shocked the tar out of baby Levi AND me. Whoa.

The museum had huge aquariums with all kinds of awesome fish.  They had a tank full of sharks, they had scorpionfish, they had baby alligators, they had seahorse, crazy puffers, sting rays, tons of great things.

Baby Levi fell asleep in the bug show, slept on my shoulder as I walked around the museum some more, and didn't even wake up when I put him in his carseat and drove him home.  Science is exhausting!!

This is baby Levi's little friend River.  I adore this picture!

 I hope Levi is a science nerd when he gets older!!  We'll spend a lot of time at the science museum to try and nerd it up this summer.


  1. Two things: 1. You are so good at updating your blog! Way to go! 2. I need to find a mommy group here... there may be more members, but as previously realized in life: Mormons are lame. I gotta find people to do cool things with like you!

  2. Thanks Jolee! And you DEFINITELY need to find some fun moms who like to get out and do things. Especially now that the weather is nice. Check maybe?