Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blue Spring

Our family took a little stay-cation this weekend.  We planned it kind of at the last minute (by my standards anyway), but it all came together really well.

Saturday morning we drove up to Orlando and met our friends Lane and Kerline.  They moved up to Tallahassee recently (Lane is working for the governor), and we miss them a ton.  Orlando is close to halfway between West Palm and Tally.
Lane and Kerline

We went to the temple in Orlando.  Levi and I used to go once a month, but it's a lot more difficult with the baby.  Levi and Lane went first, while Kerline and I watched baby Levi, then we switched.  Afterwards, we went out for Mexican food.

Clearly we did not go somewhere very authentic.  Oh, and it was called "Garibaldi's."  Italian-Mexican?

We all shared a hotel room (and baby Levi kept everyone up for about an hour in the middle of the night) and Sunday just relaxed at the hotel and went to church.

Monday we went to Blue Spring.  It's a natural spring north of Orlando, with some of the clearest water you will ever see.  There is an underground cave that you can dive, and it goes down about 150 feet.  Levi and Lane dove the spring.  There's a sign about 60 feet down warning that people have died in the cave.  Levi and Lane didn't go down much farther than that.  They said it was amazing, though.  We'll have to go back sometime so I can dive it.

Why can't I dive too?

Baby Levi and I kicked out feet in the spring a little, but it was cold (72 degrees, brrrr!).  He did bust out his new lifejacket, though.

We did get rained on, too, so we definitely got wet even if we didn't dive.

Levi and Lane saw a group of otters in the spring.  I was so bummed that I didn't see them, but on the drive home we saw a posse of wild pigs, including at least four babies.  And I also saw a red-headed woodpecker pecking on a tree.  So I was satisfied with my wildlife viewing.

All in all, Florida is pretty dang awesome.  There is always something new to see and experience. 

Baby Levi loves being a Floridian!

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