Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Wish They All Could Be Florida Boys

Baby Levi and I went to the beach today with a friend.  It was pretty windy, but it was sunny and warm.  The only people out in the water were surfers because the waves were huge (well, Florida huge). 

I love that my boy gets to grow up on the beach.  He's been going to the beach since he was two weeks old.
With dad at two weeks old.

With Aunt Lexi at about two months.

With Mom and Dad at about three months.

With Dad at about 6 months.

I know Levi can't wait until the day the baby is old enough to swim and snorkel with him.  I can see it already -- I won't be able to get either one of them out of the water until the sun goes down.  Love my beach boys!

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