Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's Cruise the Caribbean

Baby Levi is cruising 24-7 lately!  For you non-moms, cruising is walking while holding onto something, usually the couch.  We put some foam pads all around the couch so he can go back and forth all on his own, without Mama hovering so much.  He's not going too fast in this video, but it's hard to catch his best moves with the camera.

My baby is always half-naked in the videos I post!  It's because he does so much first thing in the morning, when he's well-rested and full of food.  So he's always in jammies or naked or a combination of the two.  I usually don't take the time to get him dressed early on.  :)

He's still working on crawling, too, but he doesn't enjoy it like he does cruising.