Sunday, May 6, 2012


Every May there is a huge 5-day music festival literally at our doorsteps.  The great thing about where we live is that we can see and hear two of the three stages from our pooldeck, without paying for admission! 

View of Sunfest from our roofdeck.

Baby Levi did not get to go to his first concert, but Levi and I switched off (while baby slept) and saw a few great bands.  I saw Counting Crows, All American Rejects, and Joan Jett.  Levi saw Third Eye Blind.  We could even hear a little of the Fray, Snoop Dogg, and Foreigner just by opening our sliding door ("How To Save A Life" is playing right now!  Always makes me think of Grey's Anatomy, ha).

The weekend ends with a big fireworks show tonight, which we can usually see from our living room.  Love love love where we live!

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