Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Family of Four

We have a new addition to the Baker fam.  Meet Gaga!

Gaga is  our new lionfish.  Levi spent about four hours out in the ocean today collecting saltwater, sand, rocks, and best of all, our little buddy.

It's legal to capture tropical fish for a personal aquarium.  Plus, lionfish are an invasive species in Florida.  They eat up the native fish and have very few predators, so divers are always asked to kill any they see.  Levi, Bryan, and some buddies went on a lionfish derby in Key West a few years ago.  So we don't feel bad catching them for our aquarium, even if we accidentally kill him with our inexperience.  Levi would have speared him otherwise.

I named him Gaga so that maybe baby Levi could learn his name.  Also, he's got a Lady Gaga-esque outfit on.

I think baby Levi's going to like the new aquarium.  Daddy Levi spent the evening staring at it like he was watching a basketball game.  :)

Welcome Gaga!

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