Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girl's Camp

Baby Levi and I went to Girl's Camp on Monday!  And he was certainly the most popular kid in town.  The girls went bananas for him.

Baby Levi and I didn't stay overnight, but we spent the day with the girls.  He was such an angel!  He enjoyed every minute there.  I was surprised, because it was really hot and there were gnats buzzing around our heads all day.  But he didn't mind at all; he was smiling and laughing and taking everything in.

The girls had fun, too.  They did games, archery, a flag ceremony, and when baby Levi and I left they were heading over for dinner.

While the girls played games in the lodge, baby Levi poured water on the table then crawled around in it.  That's one way to stay cool!

We had fun, but I'm really glad we didn't have to spend the night.  It was seriously hot.  We're going out for the day again on Thursday.  Baby Levi can't wait!

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  1. Maybe you can sleep in the Jeep with the A/C on? :)