Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Flagler Day

There's a beautiful museum right across the water from us called the Flagler Museum.  Baby Levi and I went for the first time today with some friends.  It was Founder's Day, so it was free!  That was a great incentive to go somewhere I've been meaning to go.
 The Flagler Museum was once the home of Henry Flagler, who was a founder of Standard Oil.  Flagler developed most of the Florida coast, and ran the railroad straight through Florida in order to entice people here.  The museum is his home restored.

It was beautiful.  It felt like it was plucked right from an Edith Wharton novel, or maybe Downton Abbey.  I could imagine all my favorite Gilded Age characters visiting in the drawing room, or dancing in the ballroom.
All the ceilings were painted like this.  Incredible.

It's hard to believe this is directly across the intercoastal from where I live!
There's our house!

They also have a restored railcar on the property that you can walk through.  I think it was actually Flagler's private railcar.

The mamas.

They didn't allow strollers at the museum, so we all were mama kangaroos with our babies in their packs.  Just about everyone has an Ergo carrier, too, so soon-to-be-moms, take note!
Self portrait.  I think this face he makes is so funny.

Baby Levi got a souvenir at the gift shop -- a little train that runs on a track through Florida Flagler sites.

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