Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cornell, Ever Heard Of It?

I'm so proud of my sister Krystle for going to Cornell for her PhD.   What an amazing accomplishment! While in New York we got to check out her stomping grounds and find out a little about the research she's working on.

Baby Levi in Krystle's engineering lab.

Cornell is a really beautiful campus.  Unfortunately Krystle has to work in the ugliest building there.  I didn't take a picture of it, but trust me, all the other buildings were much nicer.  :)

 Can you believe this "river" is on campus?  So pretty!  And Donna is pretty too.

 I love these pictures of Niki and Piper.  Piper walks, but very slowly.  Slowly, but cutely.

Krystle took us to the coolest library.  It looked like it belonged in Harry Potter.  The upper floors were very open so you could see story after story of books books books!  If I went to Cornell this is where I would study.  There were even big plush leather chairs and a fireplace.  Also, busts of bald smart men.

Niki, looking so studious and wise.  She just needs a pipe and a bowtie.

And of course, I had to act out my favorite Ivy League joke: "It's a different world, where big blonde guys row boats and eat ivy."

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