Thursday, July 26, 2012

Empire State of Mind

We're home!  We saw just about every inch of New York state in the space of a week.  And we took some adventure babies with us!

Baby Levi loved New York!
I started to get really nervous about the trip around a week ahead of time.  I worried baby Levi wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat, and would just be a bear.  But he was a real trooper!  He grabbed his naps when he could, didn't sleep well at night but didn't scream either, and loved every site we went to.

He LOVED spending time with his family.  He especially loved Piper.  When he would get cranky, I would just bring him over to Piper and he would cheer up immediately.

Happy cousins!

We joked that Piper could be his babysitter.  She called him "Baby," and would wake up in the morning asking for Baby.  He plays rough, though, and after a little while she would see him coming and start saying in a scared voice, "Baby!  Baby!" 

Pinching Piper's leg.

I love the look on her face here.  "Baby!"

Gonna get her...

Baby kiss!

Playing together

Baby Levi even shared his clothes, diapers, and food with Piper when Niki's suitcase didn't make the plane to Binghamton.  Unfortunately, he didn't have anything very girlie (and no hairbows) so Piper had to go butch for a day.

Baby Levi had to warm up to everyone else in the family, but soon he was loving his aunties, uncles, and grandparents.  He even liked going to Paul's parents, PJ and Catha.
Uncle Paul was the "fun uncle."  He liked to throw the babies around and give them all kinds of great food that the moms wouldn't give them.  He got his payback when he babysat them one night and they wouldn't sleep.  :)

Baby Levi loved to snuggle Aunt Kiki

Papa and his grandbabies.

What did not go so well was sharing rooms with people.  Baby Levi woke up crying several times a night (I thought we were past that stage!) and did not make it easy on roommates.  He did get a few solid nights' sleep in the basement of the house, which Donna dubbed "the sleep lab."  He was happy to get home to his own bed.

Napping today in his own bed.  Home sweet home.

More on our New York excursions tomorrow!  Stay tuned.