Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shark Weekend, Or Not

We spent this Saturday in the Keys with Lexi and Alejandro.  Gorgeous day!!
We had planned on a boat trip where you help a nonprofit organization catch, tag, and release sharks.  It sounded really cool.  Unfortunately, when we got there, the boat captain wouldn't let baby Levi go.  We had checked with the organization ahead of time, but apparently they didn't check with the boat captain.   Boo.

The boat we didn't go on.

We couldn't be too sad, though, because c'mon, we're in the Keys!  We made it a beach day instead.


            We lounged, swam, napped, and ended the trip with some amazing fish tacos and burgers (can you guess which dish I got?).  And since we had trekked down there so early in the morning to catch the boat, we not only beat the traffic down there, but also made it home at a reasonable hour.  All said, a great trip.

PS -- does anyone else have major headaches formatting on Blogger?  It's driving me crazy.

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