Wednesday, August 29, 2012

See You Later

Today we head out to Utah to say goodbye to Grandpa Blank.  What a life he lived!  And he had a joke to tell every step of the way.  We'll miss him.
And, of course I can't help but think about how I miss my own grandma.

They were people of another era, and the world is a different place without them.
I wish Grandma had gotten a chance to meet baby Levi.  And I'm glad that Grandpa Blank did, though I never got a picture of them together.  But it's so comforting to know that this life is not the end, and we'll have time for reunions, hugs and laughter again.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nom Nom Nom

Babies are constantly teething.  It's so sad and painful!  Maybe because of that, baby Levi always has something in his mouth.  If it's not a toy, it's mom's shoulder, chin, finger, etc.
Ear buds

Foam block.  Looks like a cigar.

Another foam block.

Plush fishie.

Giraffe.  This was much better than letting him eat tortilla chips, after he choked on one then barfed all over dad.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rock Us Like a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Isaac, soon to become Hurricane Isaac, is slamming us with wind and rain today.  It won't hit us directly, thankfully, but the storm bands are still bringing a lot of weather to our side of Florida.
Watching the storm.  Can you see how grey it is out there?
We're supposed to get eight inches of rain and get wind 40 mph, with 60 mph gusts. 
It's pretty stormy right now.  The wind is whipping the palms trees all around.  The wind on the windows woke the baby up at 5:30 this morning, ugh.  We made it to church this morning, but our ward only held sacrament meeting before sending everyone home.  There was a surprising number of people there for a day like this.  The chapel was almost full.
Miami and the Keys are supposed to get hit stronger than we are in West Palm Beach, but Lexi in Miami says they haven't had much weather yet today.  It will probably pick up quite a bit overnight, though.
I hope we keep our power but that Levi doesn't have to go to work tomorrow!  We've got tons of food and water here, though, in case things get bad tonight.  We'll keep you updated if anything happens.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Room Of One's Own

After close to a year of sharing his space with the family's storage, Levi recently cleared out the baby's room so that it is all his.  He has his toy boxes within easy reach, and has his own DVD player too.  His new favorite game, though, is to get in his dresser and play with his clothes.

Of course, the fun part is that when mom tries to put the clothes away, baby Levi pulls them out just as fast mom can get them in.
Baby Levi is very tech savvy and loves his DVD player.  He doesn't watch movies on it, mind you, he just like pushing buttons.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Grandma Sherrie gave baby Levi a pint-sized four-wheeler for his birthday.  He loves it!  He only pushes himself backwards, and he has a little trouble getting off, but he has so much fun on it.  And he looks so big!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is baby Levi's birthday, but we partied on Saturday.  There isn't a lot you can do for babies this age at a birthday party, but pool parties are fun at any age.

Of course, after three days of perfect weather, thunderstorms rolled in 30 minutes before the party.  Why??!!  It kept some people away, but the true party people were not deterred.  And about an hour after people arrived, the storms were done and we could splish splash like we had planned.

Baby Levi was so excited to play with his buddies.  During the rain, they played around with toys and got to munch on good food.

Liam, either dancing or punching, not sure.

River, you might be a little too short for foosball.

The mod squad.

Aunt Lexi made an awesome shark cake, and brought a cupcake for the birthday boy to smash.

We all sang happy birthday while the guest of honor looked on very solemnly.

I love this look on his face.  So dignified.

Baby Levi stuck his fingers right in the frosting, but then didn't want to eat it.  So he wiped it all over mama, naturally.  It was red, too, so it looked like a shark attack.

Baby Levi was lucky enough to have Grandma Sherrie, Uncle Preston, Aunt Lexi, and Uncle Ale all celebrating with him.  And he got awesome presents from Grams and Papa and Noni too!

This baby is so loved!  He had such a great birthday party.  Let's hope the next year slows down a little, though.  I can't handle this little guy growing up so fast.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby!

My little man is ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow.  How can a year be so short and so long at the same time?  How I love my baby boy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


He has now learned how to go into Dad's wallet and take out the credit card.  Maybe he learned that trick from Mom.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey, Jealousy

Baby Levi has a little jealous streak!  If Daddy's holding him, I am NOT allowed to hug Daddy.  He gets that chubby arm between us and pushes me off.  Little stinker.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Boo Hoo Baby

More than one person has told me that baby Levi has an adorable cry.  To me, that just sounds crazy.  He's crying, for goodness sake, what's cute about that?  But my friend Sarah has been insisting I video his cry.  Here it is.  What do you think?

He's getting about three teeth in at once, so there's been a lot of this the last few days.  Along with fevers and projectile vomiting as well.  Oh what a magical time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventures Indoors

Now that baby Levi is a little more mobile, he enjoys play places outside of home a lot more than he used to.  We go to the library a lot.  There is a great kid's floor, and there are always other kids to play with.  Baby Levi loves to play with the older kids; every now and then he tries to chase down a kid who doesn't want to play with him!

We also like to go to the Playmobil play place.  It costs a dollar, and it's filled with Playmobil toys on tables and benches.  They have a toddler zone for the little guys. 

It's been SOO hot outside lately, so we've been avoiding the park and walks and been trying to find indoor fun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Small Step For Baby Levi, One Giant Leap In Mama's Heart

My baby is walking!  Incredible!  He took his first few steps yesterday, going from me to his excersaucer.  I cheered so loud he thought something was wrong for a few seconds, before he figured out it was happy yelling.

He did it a few more times yesterday, also, even letting daddy watch.  He's still a ways off from walking more than a few steps at a time, but time just seems to fly by.  He'll be running around before I know it.

I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast.  We'll have to think of another nickname for him, because "Baby Levi" won't apply for too much longer.  *Sigh*

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dance Magic Dance

Baby Levi started dancing recently.  It's hard to get on video, because as soon as he realizes you're watching he stops.  But I got a little clip.  He has two moves: the side-to-side arm swing and the head bob.  This video didn't get the head bob.  He's got the moves.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kissy Face

Baby Levi walks around the house making these cute kissy noises.  I think he's just smacking his lips together, not intending to do a kiss, but it's so stinkin' cute.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Usain Bolt Jr.

This guy is getting to be really fast on his feet!  No independent steps yet, but he can sure cruise like an Olympiad.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weird Science

We had a little science experiment in static electricity recently.  I guess baby Levi does have a few hairs on that head after all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lee Lee! Or Is It La La?

On our New York trip baby Levi got to see all his Farnsworth aunts, except Aunt Lexi.  Luckily, she lives in Miami so we get to see her all the time!