Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is baby Levi's birthday, but we partied on Saturday.  There isn't a lot you can do for babies this age at a birthday party, but pool parties are fun at any age.

Of course, after three days of perfect weather, thunderstorms rolled in 30 minutes before the party.  Why??!!  It kept some people away, but the true party people were not deterred.  And about an hour after people arrived, the storms were done and we could splish splash like we had planned.

Baby Levi was so excited to play with his buddies.  During the rain, they played around with toys and got to munch on good food.

Liam, either dancing or punching, not sure.

River, you might be a little too short for foosball.

The mod squad.

Aunt Lexi made an awesome shark cake, and brought a cupcake for the birthday boy to smash.

We all sang happy birthday while the guest of honor looked on very solemnly.

I love this look on his face.  So dignified.

Baby Levi stuck his fingers right in the frosting, but then didn't want to eat it.  So he wiped it all over mama, naturally.  It was red, too, so it looked like a shark attack.

Baby Levi was lucky enough to have Grandma Sherrie, Uncle Preston, Aunt Lexi, and Uncle Ale all celebrating with him.  And he got awesome presents from Grams and Papa and Noni too!

This baby is so loved!  He had such a great birthday party.  Let's hope the next year slows down a little, though.  I can't handle this little guy growing up so fast.

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  1. Time for another one! Hahahaha... oh man, I crack me up. :) Cute pics!