Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rock Us Like a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Isaac, soon to become Hurricane Isaac, is slamming us with wind and rain today.  It won't hit us directly, thankfully, but the storm bands are still bringing a lot of weather to our side of Florida.
Watching the storm.  Can you see how grey it is out there?
We're supposed to get eight inches of rain and get wind 40 mph, with 60 mph gusts. 
It's pretty stormy right now.  The wind is whipping the palms trees all around.  The wind on the windows woke the baby up at 5:30 this morning, ugh.  We made it to church this morning, but our ward only held sacrament meeting before sending everyone home.  There was a surprising number of people there for a day like this.  The chapel was almost full.
Miami and the Keys are supposed to get hit stronger than we are in West Palm Beach, but Lexi in Miami says they haven't had much weather yet today.  It will probably pick up quite a bit overnight, though.
I hope we keep our power but that Levi doesn't have to go to work tomorrow!  We've got tons of food and water here, though, in case things get bad tonight.  We'll keep you updated if anything happens.

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