Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

We're back!  Not only are we back in town from our last-minute Utah trip, but we are also back to our normal lives.  After Sherrie and Preston's visit, baby's birthday, tropical storm, and then trip out of town, it's been about three weeks of out-of-the-norm.  Fun!  But a little bit tiring.
The funeral/grave dedication was lovely.  It was great to see all the extended family on Levi's side of the family.   
Levi's immediate family

 It was great to spend time with the family.  And so glad we got to know beautiful Courtney!  She and Josh are getting married next month.
We hit the pool, did a drive/rainshower-walk up the canyon, went to the temple, ate Cafe Rio and Sconecutter (of course!), but mostly just spent quality time with the family.  And my mom happened to be in town for her high school reunion, so we got to see her and Ray too!  What a lucky rabbit's foot!
Baby Levi *loves* spending time with his cousins Mylie and Brynlee.  Mylie is a little mama to him, loves to hold him, and even cleans up after he smashes blueberries and throws them all over the floor!

  Mylie tries to hold the wild bear on her lap.

Bryn liked to play with baby Levi, but didn't always get that he didn't play like she did.  He pushed and poked her in the eye more than once, poor thing.

Swinging with Grandma and Brynlee

 The trip turned out really well.  The only bad thing was remembering what a bummer it is to live so far away from everyone!  Why doesn't everyone move to Florida?  I think that's the perfect solution.  :) 

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