Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's The Number For 911?

Sooo, I had several blog posts in mind for today, including one about how awesome my mom is (happy birthday!!).

But instead I tried to burn down my kitchen, and then decided that warranted its own blog post.
Yes, I set my kitchen on fire and the cute firemen of West Palm Beach had to come save my apartment.
What happened was the baby was napping so I threw some chicken in a pot of water to boil (I was going to shred it later for dinner).  Then baby woke up kind of cranky, so I packed him in the stroller for a walk to the library.  Leaving the chicken boiling on the stove.  Oops.
We were gone for close to an hour and a half.  When I got back, my neighbors were talking to Joe from maintenance at the front desk of the building.  And when they saw me, they said, "There's smoke coming from your apartment and the smoke detector has been going for a really long time!"  And immediately I knew why.
So baby Levi and I, Joe, and the neighbors ran upstairs (not literally; we took the elevator).  Joe cracked the door to the apartment and it was filled with smoke.  He slammed the door shut again and made us all go downstairs.  Then he called 911.
The fire department literally ran upstairs, and got everything squared away.  Sadly, the chicken looked like a tiny piece of charcoal in a black pot.  But other than that, no damage!!  No fire damage, no smoke damage, just a really bad smell.  And the fire department checked the carbon monoxide levels in the apartment and said it was absolutely safe.  Also, the sprinklers didn't go off and flood the apartment, either, which was another huge plus.  We were incredibly blessed.  Guardian angels were watching over my chicken or something.  And I am very, very grateful.
Although, it still does really stink in here.  Levi says it smells like burnt dog.  We have all our doors and windows open, and so does our neighbor.  It's pretty funny, because we can look into each other's apartments.  It's kind of like having new roommates.
Levi is scrubbing down the apartment because he doesn't think he can sleep with the smell.  Baby's snoozing, though, so I don't think he minds it too much.
Sorry  hun!!  At least we got to go out for dinner instead of eating chicken.  Maybe that was my sinister plan all along.



  1. Yikes!!! Glad everything is okay though. And because everything is okay, I got a good chuckle out of this. Haha! :)

  2. So glad that there was no damage. It's a MIRACLE!!!!!!