Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arizona! I Can't Think of a Funny Title.

After San Carlos, Levi and Bryan had to get home, but Niki and Piper and baby Levi and I stayed with my mom in Mesa for a little longer.
We did a lot of playground time, including an amazing playground in Scottsdale that has a train, a carousel, and a museum.
I love the look on his face.  So excited!

Peek-a-boo!  I see you!

Piper and Levi

Kilroy was here.

On the train!

The babies were crazy about the carousel.  Especially Piper!

When it was time to get off, Piper would say "Wuv you horsie!"  And then start to cry "Horsie!!!"
We also visited my mom at her work, Evolution Motor Sports, where baby Levi fell in love with the go-cart.  He was turning the steering wheel back and forth, back and forth.  He sure is all boy.
Niki went home on Wednesday, but I stayed for the weekend.  Mom, baby Levi, and I went to an amazing farm that was set up as a fall carnival.  It had rides, a train through the orchards, music, food, pig races (so stinking cute), and delicious food (carmel apple pie!  Fresh, raw orange and apple juice!).  We had a great time.

He would not hold still to get his face painted.

That ride went way too fast for my taste.  Bleh.

Petting zoo.  Levi wasn't very interested in petting the goats.

These things were really hard to pedal.  Mom got out halfway through and pushed!

The lady wouldn't let me ride.  Only for kids.  Boo.
We also had a barbecue with my cousin Jennie and her husband Bill.  Their dog Taffy was crazy about baby Levi!  She wanted to follow him around with her nose in his ear (or on his bum), and would not play with anyone else.  Levi actually endured all the puppy love pretty well, and didn't get too freaked out.

Nose in the ear as he tries to crawl away.

Back off, will ya?  :)

Taffy with her nose in MY ear for once.
Piper and Levi also had a blast playing together on the trip, along with Melody, Ray's granddaughter.  Piper always wanted to hug on Levi (who doesn't?).
Sometimes, though, he couldn't keep his balance, and they would tumble down together.  What was the first thing I did when they came crashing to the floor?  Take a picture, of course!
You have to admit, that picture is pretty hilarious.
Let me add a few more cute pictures from the trip.
He was constantly stealing Piper and Melody's sippy cups.
Glamour girl.

He perfected climbing up AND down stairs.
I also took a million pictures of all the bunnies that live by my mom.  There were so many cute little cottontails!
Look at all the bunnies!
And I drove past my Grandma Redd's old house in Mesa and took a picture.  The owners may have been a little nervous.  I was very proud of myself for finding it without an address or help from anyone.  I just went off memory!  Considering the fact that she moved when I was about 10 or 11 years old, that's pretty good.
The only bad thing about our Arizona stay was that the baby would not sleep.  He was up for hours in the middle of the night almost every night.  The first night he *screamed* for about an hour straight.  It was a fun trip, but I was glad to get the little guy back home to his own bed.
I love staying with my mom, though!  Thanks for having us!
Mom and Ray


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