Saturday, November 17, 2012

Come On A Safari With Me

Last Friday baby Levi and I went to Lion Country Safari!  It's kind of like a zoo, but you drive through the park and see most of the animals roaming around free-range.  Most of the animals can come right up to your car (not the lions, though, bummer).  They also have an area with rides and more traditional zoo-like caged animals.

These are not pictures from the safari part.  I didn't take any pictures there for some reason.
Baby Levi's little buddy River had her birthday party there.  We all rode in two giant vans (zebra-striped) through the safari and then had cake, presents, and all the hoopla. 
Look at my snuggle bunny.

Baby Levi wouldn't wear the party hat, so I did.
Look at all those birds joining in the party.

Cake!  Yum.
We had a really fun time.  I was surprised that baby Levi was interested in the animals.  Last time we went to the zoo he was as interested in the trees and clouds as he was with the animals.  But in the van he would point and babble at the animals we saw, and seemed to understand that's what we were there to see.
We also had a lot of fun on the rides.
This boy loves anything with a steering wheel.

Our good friends Sarah and Liam.
Baby Levi wasn't crazy about the petting zoo.  We went to one last month when we were in Arizona, and he was not a fan.  He did better this time, but still preferred to be up in my arms looking down.  This one particular goat was crazy for my orange shirt and would not stop chewing on it.
Look at all that goat slobber on my hem.

Great day!  Levi was bummed he missed out.  Some day he and I will safari for real out in Africa.  Until then, we'll content ourselves with the local safari.
Two thumbs up!  Or pointer fingers.  Whatev.


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