Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

This year for Halloween baby Levi and I teamed up.  Since he is clingy little dude, he dressed up as King Kong and I was the Empire State Building.


Levi didn't want to dress up as a building, so he was Captain Kirk.  Baby Levi was pretty good about wearing his monkey ears, but he certainly did not want to hold still to get his face painted.

  I was worried his costume would be too hot for Florida, but we had a cold front right around Halloween, so it was perfect.  He didn't exactly look like a gorilla.  More like a bear.  And some people thought he was a girl because of the headband.  Oh well.
We did a lot of Halloween parties this year, so by the time Wednesday actually rolled around, we were too pooped for trick-or-treating.  That's okay; baby Levi doesn't need candy.  We went to a party with the families from our play group on Monday (the organizer hired a pro photographer to come, which is how we got some of these great pictures), trunk-or-treat at the church on Tuesday, and trick-or-treating and a play at the library on Wednesday morning (baby Levi met the mayor!).
Halloween is so much more fun with kids!  Hopefully we can keep doing creative costumes with him when he's older.

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