Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Don't Need No Stinkin Toys!

Mom and I were talking this morning about Christmas.  I can't decide whether to buy baby Levi a present or not.  It seems mean not to, but he really does not need any more toys or clothes.  He has just as much fun playing with stuff around the house as he does with all his toys.

Knock down the tower!

So amused.
My mom said she had the same debate when I was a baby.  She said she decided not to buy me anything, then at the last minute felt too guilty and bought a bunch of presents.  I might end up the same way!  I can't think of anything useful to get him (wrap up a box of diapers?), but I'll probably feel too guilty to buy him nothing.  Ideas?


  1. Books! Books! Books! Can't go wrong there :)

  2. Here's something I heard and we really like:

    Something you want,
    something you need,
    something to wear,
    and something to read.

    That way you only have to buy 4 things, and diapers can totally be one of them! He'll love playing with the box!