Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas Bakers

One of the main reasons we took our mega-trip was for Josh and Courtney's wedding!  And it was the first thing on our itinerary.  For those who don't know, Josh is Levi's brother.  We were so happy to celebrate his marriage for time and all eternity to Courtney, who is beautiful and spunky and fits in the family just perfectly.
The wedding was beautiful.  They were married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Then there was a luncheon, an open house in Salt Lake, and a reception in Las Vegas the following day.  An exhausting schedule for the family, but everything went smoothly.
One of the best things about family weddings is coming away with tons of great pictures of everyone looking their best.  It's crazy, but we got some fantastic pictures with Levi's phone.
Taken with Levi's phone, seriously.
Baby Levi and Grandma Sherrie

Levi and his family (this was my phone; quality not nearly as good)

Baby Levi and his cousins, Mylie and Brynlee

I love this one.

Hi John.

The open house in Utah

Resting my sore feet.  I refuse to wear comfortable shoes to nice events.
On the day of the wedding, we were running from place to place all day without much time to rest.  So by the time we got to the open house, we were beat.  Levi and I ended up staying for about an hour, then leaving with the excuse that we had to put the baby to bed (which was true).  But then we changed into our jammies and stayed home.  I went back at about 9:00 pm to help clean (in my jammies), but everything was already packed up.  And also I didn't help set up either.  I'm kind of a terrible family member.
Saturday we flew down to Vegas early in the morning.  My mom and Ray met us in Vegas and we hit the Strip!  We decided to take baby Levi to Circus Circus.  We played carnival games and watched some circus shows and tried out the buffet.  Then we went down to Freemont Street.
Levi won the stuffed horse, baby Levi won the rose, and Ray won an Angry Bird.

I rocked a little Dance Dance Revolution.
Freemont Street
The wedding reception in Las Vegas was fantastic.  The food was awesome (Chronic Tacos -- never heard of them, but YUM; also, white chocolate popcorn) and the decorations were lovely.  Josh did comment that it looked like Pinterest threw up there.  The only bad thing?  It was in a grassy backyard so my heels sunk in everywhere I stepped.  Seriously, I couldn't walk. 
Ray, Mom, and us at the reception

Levi's mom, Sherrie
As with all weddings, I think the bride and groom were glad when the wedding and receptions were over.  We were so happy to be a part of it all, and to spend time with the whole Baker/Samu clan. 
But PS -- sorry I didn't get any pictures of Sharie!!  I don't know why that always happens.  We still love you, I promise.  ;)

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