Friday, December 21, 2012

E.very P.erson C.omes O.ut T.ired

Yesterday we took advantage of another benefit of living in Florida (besides the warm weather and the beach).  We took a day trip to Epcot!  We only planned it out two days in advance, but it all came together perfectly.
Of all the Disney parks, Epcot does not have the most (or the most exciting) rides, but it has a lot to see.  And all that seeing takes a LOT of walking.  It was perfect to go when baby Levi is this age, because he isn't interested in rides anyway, and isn't old enough to complain about walking and looking at a lot of stuff grownups like.
This surprisingly was not his first Disneyworld experience.  Last January we had some Disney fun when my family came to town.
Our first stop was Finding Nemo and the aquariums.  Naturally, this was Levi's favorite place.  Except that he wanted to spear all the fish he saw.  You can't spear Nemo, especially at Disneyworld.  Not cool.

On the Finding Nemo ride

Checking out the sharks.  No fear!
We rode the ride inside the giant silver golf ball, rode Soarin' (my Epcot favorite!), and tasted Coke products from all over the world.  Then we took the trail around the lake to see all the different country exhibits.


This is a boring picture, sorry.


Baby Levi wouldn't wear the fez!


...and many more.  Levi wouldn't let me take a picture of us in hats at every single country, that was just a little too much dorkiness for him.
When we were in the America theater, baby Levi got a chance to run around a bit.  Some perfect strangers came over and took a picture of him!  Isn't that funny?  Anyway, he decided to ignore the velvet ropes and make a break for his favorite thing . . . the stairs!


He is fast!

But not as fast as mom!
Overall, he was a very good baby.  And we all had a great time.  We ate awesome food, ginger ice cream in China, bratwurst in Germany, funnel cake in America, and lamb gyros in Morocco.  I bought a pickle Christmas ornament in Germany (a German tradition apparently) and Levi bought a kamikaze head scarf in Japan (like the Karate Kid) and herbal tea in England.  We didn't make it to the fireworks; our achy muscles and joints couldn't get us even to 8:00.  But we made it home by 10:00, got the baby into bed, and soaked in the hot tub.  Practically perfect in every way!

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