Sunday, December 9, 2012

How Silently the Wondrous Gift is Given

Last night we had our annual ward Christmas party.  It's called "A Night in Bethlehem."  Everyone dresses up in costume, the gym is decorated with old Bethlehem cityscape on the walls, tents are set up serving soups, bread, cheese, and fruit, etc.  It actually is a really cool event.

It's a really nice break from hyper-Santa Christmas.  With a kid, you really recognize how Santa-ized Christmas is now.  The ward party is a little more serene and focused on the spiritual, which is great.  We start with a great Nativity video and end with one, too.
 The food is YUM!  Perfect for baby Levi.  He likes anything of a pureed consistency (still).  We had butternut squash and sweet potato soup.  Delish.
Levi always goes for more of a Nephite look than Bethlehem.  He was under the weather, so he lurked in the hallways to try and keep his germs to himself.



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