Monday, December 3, 2012


Today at Baby Story Hour, we celebrated Sinterklaas!
Isn't it so pretty?
Sinterklaas is the Dutch Santa who puts candy in children's shoes for Christmas.  They celebrate it on December 5, so he visited the kids at the library a few days early.  They all left their shoes by the door when they came in.  Then, while the librarian was reading Christmas stories, someone gave a giant "Ho Ho Ho!" and the kids went ballistic!  They were so excited.
If I had known what was going down, I would not have put him in the old, stinky shoes today.

Delicious, even with the wrapper on.

Our friend Elena.
We also made a Christmas craft, which was a felt Santa ornament who holds your letter to Santa Claus.  Super cute.
I may have helped, just a little.



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