Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's Keep on Strolling...

Let's finish out the year-end review, shall we?
July baby Levi and I took a week long trip to New York with some family.  We saw church history sights, New York City, Niagara Falls, and Cornell.
Baby Levi turned one!  And Grandma Sherrie and Uncle P came out to Florida for the festivities.
Also in August, baby Levi took his first steps!  Just a few, but it brought tears to mama's eyes.
August also brought a hurricane close to us.  Luckily, no lost power or damages of any kind!  Just Levi getting a day off work (yay).
At the end of August, beginning of September, Grandpa Blank (Levi's grandpa) passed away and we went out to Utah for his funeral.  It was a sad occasion, but nice to see the whole family.

October was our month of adventure!  We spent almost the whole month travelling (or preparing for traveling, or recovering from traveling).  We went to Utah for Josh and Courtney's wedding, Las Vegas for their reception, San Carlos for a Mexico beach trip, and Arizona for a visit with Grams.  Whew!

November was a pretty quiet month.  We spent Thanksgiving with friends in town.  But the big news was that baby Levi learned to walk!  He also said his first word other than mama, dada, and no, which was shoes.
December we spent going to Christmas parties practically every weekend.  And we spent a nice holiday home with our little family, opening presents, eating turkey dinner, and enjoying the time together.  We did also take a day trip to Epcot, which was a lot of fun.


 What a year!  How is it that it can seem so long and so short at the same time.  Looking back, we had a lot of travels, a lot of adventures, and a lot of good times with family and friends.  We are very blessed.
I can honestly say that is 2013 turns out exactly like 2012, I will be one lucky ducky.  It was a happy year.


  1. I love this! So fun! And I especially love seeing your hair get lighter and lighter as the year went on. Haha! :)