Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Levi & Brooke 4-Eva

What a fun long weekend we had!  Extra long, in fact.  Friday, Levi took off work and we joined our stake for a temple trip to Orlando.  On Saturday our friends Jenny and Tom (and baby Brooke!) flew in from DC to stay until Tuesday.
We were supposed to have fun in the sun, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate.  So we had fun in the clouds instead.
Jenny, baby Brooke, and baby Levi
We did two short scuba dives, took advantage of the Marriott's awesome amenities, swam in the pool, and just enjoyed each other's company.
Baby Brooke got to show off her little white arms and legs for the first time, rocked pink shades and rashguard, and had her first adventure swimming, which included getting dunked underwater!

The splash pad scared him a little.  He didn't like getting sprayed in the face.

Getting ready to catch baby Brooke.

He was so gentle with her.
Baby Levi went swimming too, warmed up in the hot tub, ran around the splash pad, and played on the playground.  He also fell in love with little Brooke.  We're already negotiating the dowry for their future marriage.
Rocking Brooke to sleep (or awake).

She was so teeny she didn't even fit in her jammies.

Baby Levi also got to play ping-pong doubles with Dad and Tom.

We had such a great time with our friends!  Next we're gearing up to meet them in Paris for "Babies Take Over Europe 2013."  I don't know if the EU can handle this much cuteness.  


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  1. Need to teach Baby Levi to fetch those ping pong balls