Sunday, January 6, 2013

Poppin' Wheelies

On New Year's Day, we went down to Miami with our friends Andrew and Cristina for a bike trip.  There's a great mountain bike trail really close to where Lexi and Ale live.
I didn't bring my bike; I figured I would hang out with the baby.  Cristina thought she would enjoy the trail, but after about 7 minutes and four near-crashes (and one actual crash), she came to hang out with the baby and me.
Levi contemplating bringing the baby along (just kidding).
We found a nice little beach to hang at.  I didn't bring any beach gear, but that didn't matter much.
Have diaper, will travel.

The boys had a great ride, and met us at the beach afterwards.  Alejandro came and met us as well.  It's too bad Lexi had to work.

Nothing cuter than a bare baby bum.
We went to eat Argentine food afterwards, then trekked it back home to Palm Beach County!  It was nice to start the new year outdoors enjoying where we live.

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