Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Kid Is Not Related To Me

This little guy does NOT like to eat.  Crazy, right?
Don't make me!
Some days it makes me really really crazy.  And so frustrated!  But then I talk to my mom-friends with toddlers the same age, and it sounds like lots of them are going through the exact same thing.

When he's 14 years old and eating me out of house and home, I will look back on these days and laugh!


  1. Is he getting teeth? Noah has started this just in the last day or two, but he has about a zillion teeth coming in in the back, so I think that's why. It's ridiculous though, huh?! It's already driving me crazy... at least Noah has a few pounds he can lose and still be okay. Hahaha ~ chunky monkey! :)

    1. He's never been a good eater. Now is especially bad because of teeth, a little illness, and a LOT of toddler independence!