Sunday, February 17, 2013

All By Myself

This is going to make some of you laugh, since you do NOT have these kinds of experiences in your town.
We had some lonely moments this week!
Friday we went to Baby Story Hour at our local library, and NO ONE showed up but us!  But luckily, the awesome librarian held it anyway, just for us!  It was a private session of story hour, complete with all the songs, dances, books, and playtime there normally would be.  I got some time to talk to the librarian about her thoughts on preschool, and we had a very helpful discussion.  It actually turned out to be a really nice time.
Today, baby Levi had his first day in nursery at church!  And again, he was the only kid there!  He did really well.  He played with toys, ate a snack, colored, had a lesson, and practiced his numbers and colors.  His teacher was very impressed with him, and enjoyed playing with him
He can be a shy little guy.  So I think he likes play time on his own more than most kids would.  

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  1. We definitely don't have moments like that! HA! I think any one of our THREE different nursery classes would die if the 45 kids didn't show up one week! ;) And, congrats on nursery! I can't believe he's that old... and yet, I'm wondering why Noah still isn't there yet. Haha!
    PS, love his haircut. So cute! Sure does make them look like big kids, huh?!