Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bye-Bye Baby, Baby Bye-Bye

Another milestone in my baby, scratch that -- my BOY's life.  He got his first haircut! 
I was very resistant for a long time.  He was bald for so long, I couldn't bear to cut that long-awaited hair!  Plus, it was that fine, silky, blond-highlighted baby hair that is so precious.
But I finally gave in.  Levi wanted to do it himself, so Thursday he broke out the clippers and I broke out the tears.

Look at those beautiful locks!  *Sigh*

He didn't mind the clippers at all.  He even giggled sometimes.

My big boy!

"Mom, you're so embarrassing!"

Cutie pie!
It turned out a lot shorter than I expected.  Every time I look at him now, I'm reminded that my little baby is growing up.
I did not save the hair.  I didn't go that far.
It seems like yesterday that his head looked like this!


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