Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Euroday Preppers

As you probably saw on Facebook, we bought our tickets to Europe!  We're flying into Dusseldorf, Germany, but spending the majority of our time in Paris with our friends Jenny and Tom (and baby Brooke!).
Anticipating our trip, I wanted to buy an umbrella stroller that reclines so that baby Levi could nap in it.  Hooray for Craigslist!
I got this Maclaren Quest Sport off Craigslist for $45!  It's a $250 stroller.  It doesn't recline completely, but reclines pretty far and a leg rest extends out also.  I was pretty stoked about the deal I got.
Any other suggestions for gear I'll need for our trip??  Maybe some baby Ambien for the plane?


  1. WOW!!!! on the stroller find. Check into rain gear for everyone. It seems to rain there a lot. Make sure to take some food (snacks)for the baby that you know he likes. Baby ambien sounds like a good idea....Ha...Ha...Also, take some Euros (cash) so you will have some when you arrive. You don't want to have to change money the minute you get there. :)

  2. I learned that I didn't need as much as I took, except diapers... take extra diapers! I thought I had enough, but forgot about the flight home. Ugh. Had to buy a bag right before leaving, which just killed me.
    Did you buy him a seat? I hope so! Hawaii was pretty long and we got lucky with an empty seat on the way home, but I think I'd buy a seat from here on out (for the long flights). Snacks and games. Check out my post on facebook for ideas... there were some good ones on there from different people.
    Seriously, you guys are going to have so much fun! Love me some Europe! Never been to France, but the rest of Europe, I heart.
    Ah, so jealous!