Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Snowbirds!

Last Wednesday and Thursday baby Levi and I went up to Orlando.  My old roommate (old as in former, not old as in age:) ) from Washington, DC was in Orlando for a conference, so we met her at her awesome hotel to catch up and have some fun.

Michelle in front of the hotel

She was staying at the Swan and Dolphin hotel, which is right on Disney property, walking distance to Epcot and a water taxi away from Hollywood Studios.  Our hotel room had a direct view of my MOST favorite ride, the Tower of Terror!!
Wednesday we hung by the pool and walked along Disney's Boardwalk, which is designed to look like Atlantic City.
Baby Levi found a beanbag toss on the Boardwalk.  He cried when he had to leave it.

Here he's actually taking the beanbags OUT of the hole, not throwing them in.
Thursday we had lunch at Tommy Bahama's (did you know they have a restaurant?  It was good.) and went to a really beautiful garden to walk around and chat.

Love the Spanish moss on the big trees.


I'm becoming my mother, taking pictures of flowers!

Baby Levi napping in his new awesome stroller.

It's so fun to catch up with old friends!  Most of the time it makes me feel like no time has passed at all.  I can't wait until baby Levi is old enough to appreciate Washington, DC, and we can visit all our friends up there for a fun family trip.
I think this picture is so so cute.


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