Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Party Hearty

Today we had our toddler BFFs Valentine's Day party!   It was a lot of fun.  Tons of food, Valentines for all the babies, a mini jumping castle, playground time, etc etc.

Trying to stand up in the bounce house.  Not easy!
Moms doing the Valentine deliveries.
This is what I brought to the party.  Turned out pretty cool!
My only complaint was that it was HOT outside.  Eighty-five degrees in February?  What is up with that?  Usually I wouldn't mind, but we were out on the playground for awhile, and I started sweating.

These parties are as much for the moms as it is for the kids!  We love spending time together, and starting traditions for our little ones (even if they're not old enough to really "get it" yet).
The gang

Baby Levi's valentines "from" his BFFs (or maybe their moms!)
Holidays are so much more fun with kids, even the non-kid-centric holidays!



  1. Looks like everyone had a BLAST!!!!!

  2. Awesome strawberry tree thing! What's underneath the strawberries?