Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Egg!

I've been MIA from blogging lately, but it's (big) Levi's fault, I swear!  He left the laptop at church for a week and kept forgetting to bring it home.  I'm sure you have missed me tons, right?
Anyhooo, happy Easter!
He was a little scared of the Easter Bunny!  Or maybe he just doesn't like Easter?  This was him last year.
Sad bunny!
One of my mom friends posted that first picture on Facebook, and lots of people commented about how scary the bunny looked.  I felt really bad, because the friend who posted the picture paid a lot of money to rent that costume, and her sweet husband dressed up for all the babies at our party!  Hope she didn't feel bad, because that was such a nice thing to do.
So, it turns out baby Levi isn't too interested in hunting eggs.  We went to two egg hunts last week, and both times he was content to find one egg, and sit down and play with/eat his loot.  It was mom running around picking up eggs for him!

The "hunt"

We had an awesome party, and baby Levi didn't stay sad for too long.

I water-colored his hair Easter-egg pink.  Can you tell?
Too bad baby Levi is hidden behind the bunny ears!
The moms were all really good about filling the eggs with toys and raisins rather than tons of candy.  Of course, we still ate our fill of sugar!  Yum yum.  I'll post more Easter pictures later, too (maybe).


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hope Florida Doesn't Sink Into the Ocean

If all goes as planned, one month from today we will be homeowners!  We're under contract for a house!
I'm in love with the house.  I'm so excited about it.  And it's in a fantastic elementary school district, and also is very close to where we live right.
The yard is great for baby Levi.  It's big and flat and grassy, perfect for running around.  And the kitchen is great for me.  Big, with lots of storage and lots of natural light.
We're set to close one month from today.  Hopefully all will go well.  It's going to be a busy month: closing on the house, moving, my dad coming to visit, then off to Europe the first of May.  I'm trying to get very organized
If you want to see more, here's the virtual tour (with a very relaxing soundtrack to go with it):
The only bad thing?  This really does mean we're officially old.  Married, with a kid, and a mortgage.  *Sigh*

Friday, March 22, 2013

Double Trouble

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I babysat another 18-monther from our ward.  His aunt usually watches him while his parents work, but she was out of town.
I was very interested to see how baby Levi would do with another kid in the house all day long.  Day one, he was great!
It's all about wheels and motors with these boys.

Sharing a snack.

Ryder is a very good sharer.
I was most worried about getting them both down for a nap.  It actually turned out to be a cinch!  I set Ryder up in my room with a movie while I got baby Levi down.  By the time I went in for Ryder, he was already asleep!  You can tell he's the third child in his family and not the first.
Holy sleeper.
We even had a hard time waking him up when his dad came for him!  Baby Levi thought it was hilarious to poke him and tickle him to try to wake him up.
Tickling Ryder's toes.

So funny.
Day two, the sharing did not go as well.  When baby Levi realized he had to share all his toys (and his mom) AGAIN, he wasn't too pleased.  The novelty had worn off.  But they still had a pretty good day.
We have so many awesome toys in our house.

Needless to say, my house was a royal mess by naptime.

I survived two toddlers for two days!  I am awesome!  Next week I'm watching a baby, which I think should be a little easier.  Let's see if those words come back to bite me.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bahama Mama

This weekend we hopped a ferry over to Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Just one of the perks of being a Floridian!

The ferry was pretty fantastic!  It was only a 2.5 hour trip, there was lots of space, there was food and shopping and a movie on board, and the baby slept for the last hour over.  Pretty great deal!
We went over Saturday morning and came back Sunday night.  We stayed in a great hotel right on the water.
View from our room

Hanging by the pool.  Water was pretty cold, though!
Saturday afternoon Levi did a shark scuba dive.  The dive shop and dock were right next door to our hotel, which was really convenient.

Levi said the dive was incredible.  The sharks just swarmed all around, and were bumping him and hitting him with their fins.  Wild.
Look at that big guy

Shark right next to Levi

On Sunday we were able to take a free water taxi over to another resort close by, where we could use their pool and beach as well.
Water taxi


Pool time with Dad

Cave under a waterfall

Swim-up bar

The beach!  With that amazing Bahamas white sand
Big boy
Here are some more pics.
Ordering some Bahama Mamas.  So delish!

Mama in the Bahamas

Dancin' to the island beats

The water is so incredibly clear!

We had such a great time!  And it was so perfect to be able to do it over the weekend so Levi didn't have to take any time off.  I am going to be trying to recruit everyone to come out for a Florida/Bahamas trip soon.  Especially if you're interested in the shark dive.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Erin Go Bragh (Or Better Yet, Bragh-less!)

Happy St. Patty's Day!  We're going to be in the Bahamas this weekend (yippee!), so I'll post this a few days early.
Plus, we celebrated today with a baby St. Patty's party, so there are all kinds of cute pics to share.

How cute is this little leprechaun? He had a lot of fun today at the park with his little buddies.  They ran all over the playground for hours, all the while chowing down on some great (green) food.
 The whole gang
He always go straight for anything with a steering wheel

Mason looovves tickling Levi's belly!

Mason chasing him down for some tickles

Showing off that big belly.  Love it!

Having fun with the parachute

We overran the park with green babies!  One woman who wasn't with us asked, confused, "Is today St. Patrick's Day?  Why is everyone in green?"  We had a great time.
And now, off to celebrate in true Irish fashion, on a Caribbean isle....
Hopefully by the time we get back we'll have some good news to share!  And NO it is not another baby.  :P