Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bahama Mama

This weekend we hopped a ferry over to Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Just one of the perks of being a Floridian!

The ferry was pretty fantastic!  It was only a 2.5 hour trip, there was lots of space, there was food and shopping and a movie on board, and the baby slept for the last hour over.  Pretty great deal!
We went over Saturday morning and came back Sunday night.  We stayed in a great hotel right on the water.
View from our room

Hanging by the pool.  Water was pretty cold, though!
Saturday afternoon Levi did a shark scuba dive.  The dive shop and dock were right next door to our hotel, which was really convenient.

Levi said the dive was incredible.  The sharks just swarmed all around, and were bumping him and hitting him with their fins.  Wild.
Look at that big guy

Shark right next to Levi

On Sunday we were able to take a free water taxi over to another resort close by, where we could use their pool and beach as well.
Water taxi


Pool time with Dad

Cave under a waterfall

Swim-up bar

The beach!  With that amazing Bahamas white sand
Big boy
Here are some more pics.
Ordering some Bahama Mamas.  So delish!

Mama in the Bahamas

Dancin' to the island beats

The water is so incredibly clear!

We had such a great time!  And it was so perfect to be able to do it over the weekend so Levi didn't have to take any time off.  I am going to be trying to recruit everyone to come out for a Florida/Bahamas trip soon.  Especially if you're interested in the shark dive.


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