Friday, March 22, 2013

Double Trouble

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I babysat another 18-monther from our ward.  His aunt usually watches him while his parents work, but she was out of town.
I was very interested to see how baby Levi would do with another kid in the house all day long.  Day one, he was great!
It's all about wheels and motors with these boys.

Sharing a snack.

Ryder is a very good sharer.
I was most worried about getting them both down for a nap.  It actually turned out to be a cinch!  I set Ryder up in my room with a movie while I got baby Levi down.  By the time I went in for Ryder, he was already asleep!  You can tell he's the third child in his family and not the first.
Holy sleeper.
We even had a hard time waking him up when his dad came for him!  Baby Levi thought it was hilarious to poke him and tickle him to try to wake him up.
Tickling Ryder's toes.

So funny.
Day two, the sharing did not go as well.  When baby Levi realized he had to share all his toys (and his mom) AGAIN, he wasn't too pleased.  The novelty had worn off.  But they still had a pretty good day.
We have so many awesome toys in our house.

Needless to say, my house was a royal mess by naptime.

I survived two toddlers for two days!  I am awesome!  Next week I'm watching a baby, which I think should be a little easier.  Let's see if those words come back to bite me.


  1. You know what that means, right? Time for another one!! ;)

  2. And here I am just trying to deal with one baby who sleeps most of the time...... Guess this means you can watch Peyton for me, right? :)