Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Furry (and Slimy and Feathery) Friends

Last Friday we hit Lion Country Safari with our baby friends.  Only this time we didn't do the safari part, we only spent time in the amusement park area.  Lame, I know, but apparently some toddlers are not big on riding in a car for an hour looking at animals out of the window.  They want to run around and ride rides and touch animals.  I guess.
So we rode rides...
Carousel once...


...three times, and he still cried when we got off.
...we touched animals...
Petting a sheep's bum.

...and just had a great time!
We fed the giraffes, which was so cool.
Baby Levi wouldn't get too close, but luckily giraffes have realllly long tongues!
Baby Levi rode a train withOUT mom!
My big boy.

I love how he slung his arms over the back.

And so on and so forth!
Boat ride with friends out to see the monkey island.

Riding the ferris wheel,

We almost saw a gator fight!  See how this guy was rearing up?  He was also growling really loudly and puffing up.  I've never seen that before except on the nature channel.
Had a great time!  Love love love my mom's group, in part for organizing great outings like this one.


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