Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Egg!

I've been MIA from blogging lately, but it's (big) Levi's fault, I swear!  He left the laptop at church for a week and kept forgetting to bring it home.  I'm sure you have missed me tons, right?
Anyhooo, happy Easter!
He was a little scared of the Easter Bunny!  Or maybe he just doesn't like Easter?  This was him last year.
Sad bunny!
One of my mom friends posted that first picture on Facebook, and lots of people commented about how scary the bunny looked.  I felt really bad, because the friend who posted the picture paid a lot of money to rent that costume, and her sweet husband dressed up for all the babies at our party!  Hope she didn't feel bad, because that was such a nice thing to do.
So, it turns out baby Levi isn't too interested in hunting eggs.  We went to two egg hunts last week, and both times he was content to find one egg, and sit down and play with/eat his loot.  It was mom running around picking up eggs for him!

The "hunt"

We had an awesome party, and baby Levi didn't stay sad for too long.

I water-colored his hair Easter-egg pink.  Can you tell?
Too bad baby Levi is hidden behind the bunny ears!
The moms were all really good about filling the eggs with toys and raisins rather than tons of candy.  Of course, we still ate our fill of sugar!  Yum yum.  I'll post more Easter pictures later, too (maybe).


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